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Sep 11, 2020

Krazy Joe & Jacob are back with another ALL NEW podcast!

This week The PREDICTION NETWORK revisits Bel Air, the dramatic reboot of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air that has been given a two season Green-light from Peacock!

We also discuss the brand new trailer for season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery! Discovery has been thrown 900 years into the future. On October 15 we'll finally get to see how Discovery's crew adjusts to life in the 32nd century!

The DAMAGE REPORT takes aim at Tenet, the latest film from director Christopher Nolan.

And we have HIGH FIVES for Disney Movie Insiders, the relaunch of the old Disney Movie Rewards program. Disney Movie Insiders has announced that they are bringing back the most popular rewards: DVDs, Blu-Rays, movie posters, and collectables like funko pops. (About time!)

Also, Jacob heaps praise and HIGH FIVES upon Amazon Prime's The Boys with is now back for Season 2!

RETROPODTASTIC looks back at the very first movie to ever be based on a Saturday Night Live sketch, 1980's The Blues Brothers!

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