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"Krazy Joe" is joined by action figure enthusiasts Bob Trate of Mania.com and Daniel Pickett of ActionFigureInsider.com to discuss the removal of Breaking Bad Action Figures from Toys 'R' Us store shelves!


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A Florida woman started a petition to get the action figures taken off of Toys 'R' Us shelves, and Toys 'R' Us caved in to the pressure. Daniel Pickett has started a petition to bring the toys back to Toys "R' Us, and so far his petition is crushing hers in sheer number of signatures.

Also, Bob and "Krazy Joe" discuss the announcement of Marvel's Phase 3 films!


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You can read more from Bob Trate at Mania.com

Daniel Pickett can be found at ActionFigureInsider.com, and is the cohost of the Geek Shall Inherit Podcast.

Please support Daniel Pickett's petition! You can do so by going to www.Adultscollect.com. Also, please use the hashtag #AdultsCollect on Twitter. You can aslo contact Toys 'R' Us by posting to their Facebook Page and their Twitter feed. You can also contact Toys 'R' Us at the following e-mail addresses:




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