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Bob Trate is back to talk about everything he saw at ToyFare 2019!!



 photo Halloween III AFJ_zpsviwdtpvp.jpg


 photo Gremlins AFJ_zpskq5st54i.jpg


 photo Tarkin afj_zpsayfi6cqj.jpg


 photo Vader afj_zpsa8qmjsuh.jpg


 photo Batman AFJ_zps4qlhero1.jpg


 photo HeMan AFJ_zpssfw5j3bs.jpg


 photo Skelator 2 AFJ_zpslqszh4ag.jpg


 photo Skelator afj_zpsgvqtwrdm.jpg


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I was a guest on the CinemaSickness Livestream Monday night!




You can find CinemaSickness at:



And Find Rick (Down to Movie) at:


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Krazy Joe has seen 'Happy Death Day 2U'! Here is his review!!


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Robocop is back and he's hocking chicken for KFC! And is that PETER WELLER doing the voice? Is he in the costume? What does it all mean for Neill Blomkamp's Robocop Returns???



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