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"Krazy Joe" and Bob are back with another one!


This week the PREDICTION NETWORK looks at AMC's 'Preacher'



 photo preacher-poster-2_zpscqiwqbra.jpg


We give big HIGH FIVES to 'Captain America: Civil War'



 photo Captain-America-Civil-War-Poster-2016-Wallpaper-8_zpspbpru2li.jpg


The Damage Report takes aim at the Star Trek fan film, Axanar, and it's creator, Alec Peters.



 photo star_trek_axanar_u_s_s_ares_shuttle_by_stourangeau-d6v4aol_zpssjtqic8j.jpg



All this and voicemail, too!


During the intro we discuss a website that allows you to watch random Star Trek episodes on Netflix. Here is the link to that site:



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