Every Week Krazy Joe and the Gang talk movies, comics, TV and pop culture. MEGAPODTASTIC IS ON THE RAMPAGE!

Slice of Sci-Fi's Sam Roberts joins Krazy Joe for the final MegaPodTastic of 2009!

I'm sorry to say that tonight's episode features some minor audio problems. We experienced some Skype problems. Early on in the show, we experienced some weird clicks. These clicks vanish early in the Prediction Network segment. Later, during the damage report, Sam begins to get a weird echo effect to her. Please bare with this minor audio glitches.

Tonight the Prediction network looks at James Cameron's Avatar, Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, and the upcoming return of NBC's Chuck

Sam and Joe give high fives to the Fox network, Joel and Ethan Cohen's 'A Serious Man', Lost: Season 5, the mid season finales of Stargate Universe, Heroes and Flashforward, and the renewal of Torchwood for a full 13 episode 4th season.

The Damage report blasts Fox for pulling Fringe from the Thursday night line up during February sweeps, Fox's Bones' shameless promoting of James Cameron's Avatar during the most recent episode, poor casting on Fox's Dollhouse episode "The Public Eye", The lack of Mr T in the new A-Team movie. Sam also expresses her anger at the DVD industry for their lack of extras on rental DVDs and her rage at the possibility of Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 12 being shot in 3-D.

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