Every Week Krazy Joe and the Gang talk movies, comics, TV and pop culture. MEGAPODTASTIC IS ON THE RAMPAGE!

Slice of Sci-Fi's Sam Roberts joins Krazy Joe for the final MegaPodTastic of 2009!

I'm sorry to say that tonight's episode features some minor audio problems. We experienced some Skype problems. Early on in the show, we experienced some weird clicks. These clicks vanish early in the Prediction Network segment. Later, during the damage report, Sam begins to get a weird echo effect to her. Please bare with this minor audio glitches.

Tonight the Prediction network looks at James Cameron's Avatar, Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, and the upcoming return of NBC's Chuck

Sam and Joe give high fives to the Fox network, Joel and Ethan Cohen's 'A Serious Man', Lost: Season 5, the mid season finales of Stargate Universe, Heroes and Flashforward, and the renewal of Torchwood for a full 13 episode 4th season.

The Damage report blasts Fox for pulling Fringe from the Thursday night line up during February sweeps, Fox's Bones' shameless promoting of James Cameron's Avatar during the most recent episode, poor casting on Fox's Dollhouse episode "The Public Eye", The lack of Mr T in the new A-Team movie. Sam also expresses her anger at the DVD industry for their lack of extras on rental DVDs and her rage at the possibility of Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 12 being shot in 3-D.

Sam Roberts can be heard weekly on Slice of Sci-Fi. Slice of Sci-Fi is available in the I-tunes store, and at Sliceofscifi.com.

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Joe and Dave are joined by guest co-host Pope "Hot John" Miller the First. Pope Hot John is the co-creator of the online comic strip, Defenders of Freedom.

Tonight Dave, Joe, and Pope Hot John predict on Planet 51, AMC's remake of 'The Prisoner', Fantastic Mr. Fox, 2012, and the new trailer for the remake of Clash of the Titans.

The gang give high fives to The Men Who Stare At Goats, NBC's 'Heroes', Anvil, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things are.

The Damage Report looks at Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier for inappropriate comments that he made about the effects of Ray Harryhausen and the deceptive marketing campain for Universal's The Fourth Kind.
Oh...and Pope Hot John trashes the Cleveland Show.

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Dave and Krazy Joe discuss some of the new fall TV shows!

The Prediction Network discusses the new movie, Zombieland, Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, and the teaser trailer for Nightmare on Elm Street starring Jackie Earle Haley

High Fives to the new seasons of Heroes, Family Guy, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Curb Your Enthusiasm! Also, we heap praise upon some brand new shows such as Bored to Death, The Cleveland Show, Stargate Universe, and ABC's Flashforward!
A rant filled Damage Report blasts ABC for considering dropping scripted programing from the 10:00 pm hour. Also, CBS's shitty sitcom, The Big Bang Theory and game shows Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune face Joe and Dave's wrath.

And did Eliza Dushku drop the "F" bomb on the season premiere of Dollhouse?? If you think you heard it too, please write to us and let us know!

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Dave and Joe get a phone call from Joe's nutty Uncle Wally!

The Prediction Network looks at season 2 of 'Dollhouse', the fourth season of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia', Mike Judge's 'Extract' and the new animated film, '9'.

High Fives to 'Inglorious Basterds', 'District 9', the DVD release of 'I Love You, Man', 'Dexter' and 'The Gamma Quadrant' podcast

The Damage Report blasts Chris Cuomo for his stupid 'Star Trek Strikes Back remark on 'Good Morning America', the AWFUL Superman costume on Smallville Season 9, and that douchebag Rob Zombie's shitty 'Halloween II' remake.

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MegaPodTastic gets GIANT SIZED!!!

After a week off, Krazy Joe and Dave are back with a GIANT SIZED spectacular episode!

Tonight, Joe and Dave interview Frank Booth from David Lynch's 1986 film, 'Blue Velvet'.

The Prediction Network looks at Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds', 'District 9', and  'The Time Traveler's Wife'

The Chicken Report comes to it's shocking conclusion!!

In our biggest HIGH FIVE segment ever, we give High Fives to ABC's new series, 'Defying Gravity', 'GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra', '(500) Days of Summer', 'Green Lantern: First Flight', and Dave and Joe split on 'Funny People'!

The Damage Report looks at Spike Lee's 'Miracle at St Anna', and Joe discusses his problems with 'Funny People'.

All this and a tribute to John Hughes!

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Hey MegaPodzilla fans! Krazy Joe here. Just wanted to let you all know that there won't be a new show this week. Dave and I have had some small scheduling conflicts, and haven't had time to record a new episode. But fear not, MegaPodzilla will be back with episode 9 before you know it!
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MegaPodTastic wishes to thank Isaac Glendening of Cesium 137 and the fantastic Skiznot for the song, 'Tiny Angry Klingons'! The song is written by Isaac, and performed by Skiznot. More of Isaac's work can be found at:

On Episode 8, Dave talks about his trip to L.A., and his fateful meeting with the legendary Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill.

Also, the until-now unheard first episode of 'You've Got Geek on You' is revealed!

The MegaPodTastic Prediction Network looks at Judd Apatow's Funny People, BBC America's 'Being Human', and the new horror film, Orphan.

High Fives to Torchwood, Darwin Cooke's 'The Hunter' graphic novel, Disney's innovative viral marketing campaign for 'TRON Legacy', and the uber-cool Wonder Twin figures exclusive to the San Diego Con.

But BEWARE -- The Damage Report warns of the more-of-the-same new season of HBO's Entourage, the bad idea to recast horror icon Freddy Kruger in a Nightmare on Elm Street remake, and Warner Bros' bad decision to release Trick R Treat direct to DVD!

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MegaPodTastic Episode 7!

Kevin from 'You've Got Geek on You' phones in an apology, and praises MegaPodTastic!

The Prediction Network discusses the third season of Torchwood, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Beaver, and debates the pros and cons of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Dave and Krazy Joe High Five the Nazi Zombie film, Dead Snow, Duncan Jones' Moon, Warehouse 13, Reno: 911, and a low five to Bruno.

The Damage Report Looks at the New Roy Rogers movie, and......Superman and Batman arrested???

If you're in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out Dave's art at the Crazy 4 Cult show on July 16 at Gallery 1988


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The great MegaPodTastic/You've Got Geek on You Fued continues!!

Be sure to listen to You've Got Geek on You # 21 before listening to this episode! (available at www.Youvegotgeekonyou.com and in the Itunes Store) 

Also, the Prediction Network looks at The A-Team Movie, Bruno, I Love You Beth Cooper, and SyFy Channel's revival of Alien Nation

High Fives to Pixar's Up, Marvel Comics' 'Wolverine: Old Man Logan' story, DC Comics' 'Justice League International Vol. 2' and a couple of low fives to Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and Brian Singer's Valkyrie.

The Damage Report looks at M Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender and Rotten Tomatoes' recent list of the 50 greatest screen robots of all time.

All this, and an all new Chicken Report, too!!

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Krazy Joe & Dave respond to a challenge issued by their friends at the 'You've Got Geek on You' podcast.

The Prediction Network looks at Michael Mann's Public Enemies, and SyFy's Warehouse 13.

The Chicken report has an update!! Has Dave finally received his free chicken??

The High Five goes to Spectacular Spider-Man and The Brothers Bloom

A special convention report for the 2009 Wizard World Philly

The Damage Report looks at the Academy Awards' decision to have ten nominees for best picture, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and the Vin Diesel abomination, Babylon AD.


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Krazy Joe and Dave return with more ridiculousness.

This week, the Prediction Network looks at Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, the zombie-Nazi film, Dead Snow, and looks way back to the Year One. All this and Doctor Who, too!

High Fives to the new season of True Blood, Kung Fu Panda, and the new GI Joe DVD footlocker

The Damage Report rips Marvel comics for the inevitable return-from-the dead of Captain America and also blasts THE Final Destination and looks at bad ideas surrounding Star Trek XII.

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Krazy Joe and Dave return with an awesome third show that puts Superman III and Smokey & The Bandit 3 (The best Burt-less film you'll ever see) to shame!

The Prediction network looks at True Blood Season 2, Duncan Jones's Moon starring Sam Rockwell, and the Ghostbusters video game.

PLUS, High Fives for Drag Me to Hell, The Hangover, and Cartoon Network's Batman: The Brave and the Bold

A very special episode of the Damage Report looks at Hollywood train wrecks that are so bad, they're good!


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MegaPodTastic Number 2

Krazy Joe and Dave made a Number 2!

This week the prediction network looks at Land of the Lost, Drag Me to Hell, The Hangover,and Jay Leno's upcoming 10:00 show

Krazy Joe & Dave give HIGH FIVES to Up, Whale Wars, and the new Land of the Lost DVD Lunchbox set

and the Damage Report takes aim at Hollywood remakes, film critic Armond White and Terminator Salvation

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In the Premiere episode of MegaPodTastic, Krazy joe and Dave discuss the 8th season finale of Smallville, The Wolverine movie, and give a High Five to JJ Abrams' 'Star Trek'.


Also, the MegaPodTastic prediction network looks at Terminator Salvation, Pixar's Up, and the new ABC series, "V".



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