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MegaPodTastic wishes to thank Isaac Glendening of Cesium 137 and the fantastic Skiznot for the song, 'Tiny Angry Klingons'! The song is written by Isaac, and performed by Skiznot. More of Isaac's work can be found at:

On Episode 8, Dave talks about his trip to L.A., and his fateful meeting with the legendary Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill.

Also, the until-now unheard first episode of 'You've Got Geek on You' is revealed!

The MegaPodTastic Prediction Network looks at Judd Apatow's Funny People, BBC America's 'Being Human', and the new horror film, Orphan.

High Fives to Torchwood, Darwin Cooke's 'The Hunter' graphic novel, Disney's innovative viral marketing campaign for 'TRON Legacy', and the uber-cool Wonder Twin figures exclusive to the San Diego Con.

But BEWARE -- The Damage Report warns of the more-of-the-same new season of HBO's Entourage, the bad idea to recast horror icon Freddy Kruger in a Nightmare on Elm Street remake, and Warner Bros' bad decision to release Trick R Treat direct to DVD!

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